Black Swift Good Saint Nathanael US Tour

US Tour Announcement

Black Swift (Tarantino rock from Stuttgart, Germany) & Good Saint Nathanael (singer/songwriter from Kansas City) are going on tour.

Black Swift (from Stuttgart, Germany) is a high octane Americana, desert rock band. Their latest release was produced by Sylvia Massy (Johnny Cash / Tool). Bandleader Sally Grayson has been featured on The Voice Germany (covering The Cure!). Good Saint Nathanael is a highly memorable songwriter with a special knack for deeply connecting with audiences. Both acts possess a cinematic flair that is sure to make for a magical tour.

Black Swift / Good Saint Nathanael Tour Dates:

Aug 14 Sawyer, MI – Greenbush
Aug 15 Madison, WI – Mickey’s Tavern
Aug 16 Minneapolis, MN – 331 Club
Aug 17 Minneapolis, MN – House Show
Aug 18 Lincoln, NE – Duffy’s 
Aug 19 Kansas City, MO – Minibar ^
Aug 20 Nashville, TN – House Show ^
Aug 21 Louisville, KY – Kaiju ^
Aug 22 Cincinnati, OH – MOTR
Aug 23 Mishawaka, IN – Smith’s Downtown
Aug 24 Chicago, IL – Liar’s Club 

^ w/Kat Jones

Solo Tour Dates:

Aug 26 Charlotte, NC – The Evening Muse
Aug 27 Atlanta, GA – House Show
Aug 28 Sheffield, AL – The Chapel
Aug 29 Memphis – Pagan Mom House
Aug 30 – Something Special is in the works.
Sept 3 Fort Collins, CO – House Show
Sept 4 Colorado Springs, CO – The Safehouse
Sept 5 Denver, CO – House Show

If you are coming out to any of the house shows, just let us know and we’ll get you the details.

Black Swift (Stuttgart, Germany)
Americana Desert Rock

“Black Swift takes you out into the desert on a Tarantino-esque ‘Americana goes Post-Punk’ road trip, through Catharsis, into Justice, Freedom and Hope.” Based out of Stuttgart, Germany, Black Swift will be touring as a 3 piece through the Midwest of the United States.  “Their songs are not just music, they are politics, turmoil, amazement and empathy, and above all, in every form and emotion extremely moving. Sally Grayson wants to change the world and she succeeds in doing so: She conjures up powerful songs full of beauty and rebellion, even from the most depressing topics such as Trump’s politics, attacks, illness or death. This woman has a vision, and that’s what you hear.” – Freies Radio Tuebingen  

Good Saint Nathanael (Kansas City, Missouri) 

Nate Allen is a husband, father, friend, mystic, writer and songsmith (Destroy Nate Allen / Nate Allen & The Pac-Away Dots) based in Kansas City, Missouri. With his new endeavor Good Saint Nathanael, Nate ventures into quiet, very vulnerable new territory. Hide No Truth, the project debut, has been hailed by critics as “an introspective masterwork” (Idioteq), “a treasure worth reflecting upon time and time again” (A Diverse Sound), and “an earnest, melancholic, and impossible to forget album” (Spinditty)