Where Division Ends

Atmosphere! Atmosphere! It’s everywhere and oh so clear. Where Division Ends is comprised of Tyson and Jessica Kingrey and is perfect for fans of Radiohead or My Bloody Valentine. I lived with Where Division Ends for some months and never saw them perform. What I did hear came in the form of laptop speakers. I really should have insisted on making them play a show since the truth is I might not even be having a kickstarter for Take Out the Trash if it weren’t for them. What happened is: I got a band together for one show. 1 show. After the show Tyson said, and I quote: “I’m not quitting.” This was the catalyst that enabled The Pac-Away Dots to form and Take Out The Trash to be recorded in the first place. It was Tyson’s attention to detail that empowered Take Out The Trash to become the record that is. Tyson and Jessica are not just generous people – after all they let the album be recorded in the basement and all over the house. They truly created a rad space to live and rest in. It is this attention to detail and curation that makes Where Division Ends a …


McDougall is a foot stomping, bluegrass hustling one-man-band based in Portland, Oregon. Scott’s music has elements of folk, gospel, bluegrass, blues, and always a good amount of rock n’ roll. His live show is not to be missed and each record he makes takes a huge step-forward. Distinctively intense vocals also characterize this creative take on traditional Americana. I like to say Scott McDougall is our rock n’ roll priest because the first 2 times I met him were on significant days in my life. We played shows together the night Tessa and I got engaged and the day we buried my Grandfather. McDougall is contributing “Ones and Twos” to the Nate Allen Kickstarter Mixtape. For more information visit: mcdougallmusic.com/  FFO: Larry and His Flask, Muddy Roots, Jack White McDougall recently released McDougall. Check it out below: McDougall by McDougall Watch one of my old personal favorites “Grandma Holley’s Blues” below Click here to turn Nate Allen into a video game. Make your order by 10:59pm CST on Wednesday Nov 5.

Garret Potter

Garret Potter is a spoken word artist and performance poet. His gentle softness and ability to articulate emotion make him compelling and easy to listen to. He is a man who cares and feels deeply for people and the planet. He longs to make a difference in this world and love people well. When I was finishing school and working on my Destroy Nate Allen songbook, Garret was in the same library, working on his first book HIDE AND SEEK: A Poet’s Memoir. Not only did he teach me how to play speed scrabble, but I learned a lot from seeing Garret’s writing process. Not so long ago, Garret moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan from Portland, Oregon and helped resurrect Ann Arbor’s poetry slam team, which recently went to Nationals. I have rarely met a more genuine person that Garrett Potter and I am honored to call him a friend. Garret Potter’s poem “Spray Bottle” will be featured on Nate Allen’s Kickstarter Mixtape. This playlist includes over 30 artists and is included with any pledge amount. Order by 10:59pm CST on Wednesday Nov 5. For more information visit: garretpotter.com Experience “Reconciling My Apartment Complex Below” below.


Autry plays celebratory, acoustic, punky rock n’ roll out of Portland, OR. She makes a great mix of goofy faces and funny voices. In short, her bright colors are the sugar that help make her honest and witty lyrics just that much more accessible. Musically she bounces somewhere near the Violent Femmes or The Go-Go’s, with a modern twist. She also does a killer Johnny Cash cover. Autry makes handmade vinyl fanny-packs that you can pick up at one of her shows. We own a sparkly blue and yellow one. Autry will be contributing a song to Nate Allen’s Kickstarter Mixtape. For more information visit: autrysmusic.com Watch the fantastic “Bug” music video below: FFO: Leslie and The Lys

Seth Martin

A few years ago,  Seth Martin burst into my awareness. He must have been a few weeks ahead of us on tour because everywhere I went people asked me, “Do you know Seth Martin!” They would say things like “He’s from Portland.” “He plays sing-a-long folk.” “He’s an Christian.” “He’s an activist.” “You must know Seth Martin!” But I didn’t. I had never heard of the man. So I made a decision. Seth Martin does not exist. Seth Martin is a mythological creature. This served me well for a while and then I met THE Seth Martin. It turns out his compassionate hippie charm is only the beginning. Seth has a fire inside. He burns to fight injustice and loves people. I’m pretty sure Seth has never met a stranger and has more energy than most people I’ve met. He loves to talk and loves to sing – ESPECIALLY with others! If you’re looking for a communal musical experience I would highly recommend you check out Seth Martin and his band The Menders. Seth Martin will be contributing his song Goodbye, Goodbye to the kickstarter mixtape. For more information visit: sethmartinandthemenders.bandcamp.com Listen to Seth’s latest album Halfway Home below. Halfway Home …