KC: Days N’ Daze, Nate Allen & The Pac-Away Dots Show

Days N’ Daze are returning to KC. This will be one rad house show. DND are one of the best diy, thrash grass, folk punk bands around. I’m stoked to play our Nate Allen & The Pac-Away Dots, bluesy rock n’ roll / folk punk with them.  Bring some money to throw in their gas tank and bring your friends. Let’s get sweaty together.     Check out “Fallout” by Days N’ Daze: The video is by the fantastic Shibby Pictures.


Pre-order Take Out The Trash our debut album. “Take Out The Trash is an eargasm of blues, folk and punk, with soul-wrenching lyrics that remind us of the days when the meaning behind the music actually mattered” – Huffington Post “Reminds me of when I first started to break away from listening to top 40’s music in 1984 when some one gave me a burned cassette of the first Violent Femmes album. It’s got some good punk edges but smart in the way Jonathan Richman is with an original driving sound.” – Tim Hovercraft Records Some useful words about the album. Take Out The Trash features immediately accessible rock n’ roll tunes infused with blues, folk and punk. These 10 vulnerable and explosive songs will have you humming all day long. A bit of the story: in 2013 Nate Allen found himself fresh off a long tour, unemployed, in his early 30’s, married and living in his parent’s spare bedroom. Everyone’s dream. His plan was to take a sabbatical from touring, get an after college job and let life reassemble. Instead, wrestling with how blind he had been to the racism all around him, he accidentally wrote and recorded an album …

Kickstarter Success!

Wow! What a crazy ride! Thank you so much to everyone who pledged, shared, and came along. We had 169 kickstarter backers for Nate Allen & The Pac-Away Dots: Take Out The Trash – An Honest Look at Privilege, Racism, Unemployment and Being Burnt Out than for our last kickstarter… I am a little floored. This was more backs than our last kickstarter. We have put up an option to Pre-order Take Out The Trash if you missed out on the kickstarter. Below is “Open to Everything” the first track off Take Out The Trash. Thank you for your support. Take Out The Trash will be released into the world in early 2015.