Lightning Music Video

Watch the intriguing music Good Saint Nathanael’s song “Lightning.” Filmed in the tiny stone Pilgrim Chapel, located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Kansas City, the viewer is privy to the anguish of one whose leaders have left him devastated but eventually acknowledges his own capacity for failure. But this is Nate Allen, so there are hilarious moments in the video too.  Lightning is indicative of the emotions and hope expressed in the Good Saint Nathanael debut album, Hide No Truth, which is available now. You can purchase Hide No Truth or Lightning in our webstore anywhere you get your digital music. The Lightning Music Video was filmed and edited by Jessie Van Der Vyver and Two Hue Creative. Please watch and share the video with someone who you think would appreciate it!  

Hide No Truth Album Trailer

This is the album trailer for the Good Saint Nathanael’s Hide No Truth (available now). This album and trailer have been pulled out of some of the most vulnerable places in Nate’s soul. Please watch and share if you feel inclined. The Trailer was filmed and edited by Richie Wolf Music by Jess Von Strantz Footage of Nate playing by Nick Howland, Larissa and Jessie Van Der Vyver

Better (Official Lyric Video)

“Better” is the first single from Good Saint Nathanael’s debut album Hide No Truth. It’s an uplifting folk song about being empathetic to those less-fortunate or at least trying to learn from mistakes and become kinder to those we encounter or even hate. The double bass was provided by Valerie Whitney and the keyboards were added by Michael Wright. The lyric video was created by James Wightman.