Violent Psalms

If you want emotional music played by burly, bearded men then you have come to the right place. Violent Psalms play West Coast indie rock perfect for fans of Pedro the Lion or Sebadoh.  They have described their debut full length, Slow to Speak, as exploring “the reality of growing up in a shitty small town, suffering abuse and escaping within an inch of life.” Sometimes I think Ezekiel Rudick (primary instigator, guitarist and vocalist for Violent Psalms) and I speak in code, mostly due to a shared set of cultural references. We both were musically formed within the shadow of the 90’s Tooth and Nail world and the Northwest music scene of the early 2000’s. At times this makes for a conflicted and confusing mess of creativity and spirituality, but there is a certain comfort when we drop a reference to a little known but awesomely obscure band.  I asked him to play some drums for me on Destroy Nate Allen’s Eureka Recordings and we ended up with this sweet song that reeks of the Violent Femmes. On Oct. 18th Violent Psalms will be embarking on their first West Coast tour. You would best be served to check them out …

Joshua Stephens

If you like catchy, sing-a-long indie folk, Joshua Stephens might be your new favorite. “We Can Be Friends” from his upcoming I’m Not Cute Like Jennifer Lawrence EP got stuck in my head after one listen. It’s easily his best work yet. A West Coast native who currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio, Joshua Stephens was one of the first people to engage with my early Destroy Nate Allen tunes and seems to take great pleasure in requesting versions of old songs that I have forgotten how to play. Joshua is contributing “We Can Be Friends” to our upcoming Kickstarter Mixtape. Click here to order the mixtape. For more info visit: Pre-Order I’m Not Cute Like Jennifer Lawrence below. I’m Not Cute Like Jennifer Lawrence by Joshua Stephens

Kickstarter Launch

Welcome to our pre-order/fundraiser for Take Out The Trash, the debut album of my new project, Nate Allen and The Pac-Away Dots. Since 2006, I’ve been touring the US as Destroy Nate Allen. Take Out The Trash marks a new season and direction for my music. These 10 vulnerable and explosive songs will have you humming all day long. Take Out The Trash has already been recorded, mixed and mastered. Your help is needed to finance the printing of CDs and 12″ vinyl records. Our goal is to have every prize delivered in time for Christmas, with the exception of the vinyl which takes longer to produce. One of our core values is COMMUNITY, so we put together a mixtape of over 30 bands! The independent artists on this playlist represent different genres and ideals, but the one thing that they all have in common is that they are friends of mine. Every reward package will include a download of this playlist. One package even has it on an actual 90 minute cassette tape. Each day, I will be blogging on about a different artist on the mixtape. I’m hoping you discover a new favorite band while I’m at it. The first blog is about Bryan …

5 Things I Love About Kansas City

I moved to Kansas City, Missouri from Portland, Oregon with some hesitancy. I’d never lived in the Midwest before, we didn’t know many people and our shows here over the years had rarely been amazing.  But a chance to have our own apartment and enjoy a change of pace helped motivate us to pack our vans and head east. After about 10 months  Kansas City has grown on me in surprising ways. Here is my list of 5 Things I Love About Kansas City. 1. This is sports town. I get to go to Kansas City Royals games for a reasonable price. I can’t think of a better way to relax after a long day than watching a baseball game. I hope I can make opening day 2014. 2. The art scene is very vibrant here, more than I ever imagined. There is a lot of fine art (world class ceramics, free museums – the Nelson Atkins Museum) and the music scene is small enough that is easy to get to know people. 3. Our friends in Bent Left said this is a town you can make things happen in and I agree. If you want to build something in …

So We Moved To Kansas City

Hi. My name’s Nate. I’m a husband, communicator, teacher, consultant, musician and extrovert who just moved to Kansas City from Portland, Oregon. This is my new website. When it’s done it will look very different. Check back often for updates. If you want to collaborate on a project  or have me play a solo or duo show (as destroy nate allen) drop me an email. Until then here is a song I played a few times in Portland.