Nate's Steps To How To Find a Therapist

How To Find A Therapist

Working with a professional therapist can greatly aid you along your path of healing and recovery. Follow these steps to get started on your therapeutic journey.

Write out the following before calling:

How would you describe yourself? 

Example: I am 37 years old, a married man with 1 child. I’m a Musician, victim of Spiritual Abuse and own a business.

Describe your problem/problems in a sentence or two you understand them. (Put your the problem that you seeking help for into writing).

Example: I have crimpling anxiety that only allows me to get out of bed, play with legos and drink coffee. I think might be partly to do the fact that I never knew parents when they weren’t angry. 

Make a list of any questions you have for the therapist before calling.

Be sure to ask: 

Have you helped anyone with my problem?

Have you gone to therapy? This is key. A therapist who lacks self-awareness about their weakness and shortcoming is often not safe.

What kind of problems have you personally overcome?

I recommend checking out these the resources to find a therapist in your area:

Here are a few sites to start with depending on your background.

When possible ask someone you trust if they know of a good therapist. If that’s not a good option, try google. If that doesn’t work send me an email.


Have a notepad or way to write notes during the call.

It ok to end your talk with – I’ll be in touch if it makes sense to schedule an appointment. 

It’s ok to not meet with the therapist if you don’t have a good feeling about them.

A large percentage of therapeutic success is about rapport. 

It’s common to have to talk to a few therapists before you find one that’s right for you.

Since calling a therapist can be hard, it’s normal to be scared or rattled before, after or during the call. This is a big step.

Give your self a bit of space to process, recovery and relax after your call.

Your initial feelings might change after a bit of time. 

Email or call the potential therapist. Reaching out can be as simple as this:

Hi ___________.

I wanted to see if we could talk for a few minutes via phone about potentially meeting. I have a few questions.

Hide No Truth Album Trailer

This is the album trailer for the Good Saint Nathanael’s Hide No Truth (available now). This album and trailer have been pulled out of some of the most vulnerable places in Nate’s soul. Please watch and share if you feel inclined.

The Trailer was filmed and edited by Richie Wolf

Music by Jess Von Strantz

Footage of Nate playing by Nick Howland, Larissa and Jessie Van Der Vyver

Better (Official Lyric Video)

Better” is the first single from Good Saint Nathanael’s debut album Hide No Truth. It’s an uplifting folk song about being empathetic to those less-fortunate or at least trying to learn from mistakes and become kinder to those we encounter or even hate. The double bass was provided by Valerie Whitney and the keyboards were added by Michael Wright. The lyric video was created by James Wightman.

Bryan McPherson, Dead Ven, Nate Allen, Slow Motion Commotion @ Records With Merritt

Bryan McPhersonSunday (12/6) Bryan McPherson will be in Kansas City and he’s super rad. His fiery acoustic tunes have taken him around the world, including long runs with The Dropkick Murphys. His new album, Wedgewood, was inspired in party by Occupy and got him banned from Disney. He’s just the right kind of nice guy rabble–rouser. The show will be at Records With Merritt, which is an amazing record store and one of the best places to see all-ages music in Kansas City. I’ll be playing, along with other locals Dead Ven (2 piece version) and Slow Motion Commotion. More info about all the bands are below.

Bryan McPherson is originally from Boston but we met years ago on the West Coast. His humble, passionate honest songwriting is contagious and I’m excited he’s coming back to Kansas City.

Dead Ven plays street folk and just released a super limited edition 7″ on Money Wolf Music for Midwest Musicians Foundation Apocalypse Meow, is working on a cassette for Merica Records as well as a secret track for an upcoming tribute/benefit album.

Slow Motion Commotion is a 3 piece folk punk band has a brand new album out called The Day’s Not Over Until We Fall Asleep. They just finished their first tour to the East Coast and back.

Here is my new Nate Allen & The Pac-Away Dots solo album.

Details: 12/6 // 7 PM // $5 // All-Ages // Records With Merritt