Doby Watson

Doby Watson knows where he fits best. He enjoys playing quiet rooms that welcome his sad, sparse songs. To really take in Doby’s music (perfect for fans of Leonard Cohen or Jason Molina) you need some space to digest his confessions. Doby, who first performed as “Boo Hiss”, has been touring the Midwest for several years gently perfecting his craft.

He has started to find quiet audiences in bigger quiet rooms. Here is a Day Trotter session he recorded earlier this year. His new album Live-In Son will be out Oct. 17th on Double Shift and Error Records. The album is currently streaming over at Buzzmedia.

If you like music aimed more at connecting and communicating than winding you up and making you dance, I recommend you give Doby Watson a listen. He is one of the Midwest’s best kept secrets.

Doby Watson will be submitting an exclusive recording of a song to the Nate Allen Kickstarter Mixtape.

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Sammy Warm Hands

Sammy Warm Hands is a highly engaging, punk influenced rapper based in Eugene, Oregon.  At times his hip-hop band The ILLusionists reminds me of the Beastie Boys.  I met Sam on the day my first band (Miles Mouth Guard) released our only CD. At the time, he was playing punk rock in EPD (Eugene Punk Department) and was about 14 years old. A lot has changed since then. He grew up and became a sound engineer. Sam even produced the Destroy Nate Allen album Perfect Recipe For A Smile at his studio, Take 92. Eventually his music shifted from punk to hip-hop, retaining some of his rock roots. His lyrics range from crass to thoughtful, serious to playful.

I always liked his punk rocking but the moment I saw The ILLusionists I knew Sam had found his creative calling. A true collaborator, Sammy Warm Hands is also quite prolific. Each release has built on the last as he fine tunes his trade. One of my favorite tracks of his is “Crisis of Conscience”. It’s video (featured below) uses graphic words and images to drive home an important point.

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Violent Psalms

If you want emotional music played by burly, bearded men then you have come to the right place. Violent Psalms play West Coast indie rock perfect for fans of Pedro the Lion or Sebadoh.  They have described their debut full length, Slow to Speak, as exploring “the reality of growing up in a shitty small town, suffering abuse and escaping within an inch of life.”

Sometimes I think Ezekiel Rudick (primary instigator, guitarist and vocalist for Violent Psalms) and I speak in code, mostly due to a shared set of cultural references. We both were musically formed within the shadow of the 90’s Tooth and Nail world and the Northwest music scene of the early 2000’s. At times this makes for a conflicted and confusing mess of creativity and spirituality, but there is a certain comfort when we drop a reference to a little known but awesomely obscure band.  I asked him to play some drums for me on Destroy Nate Allen’s Eureka Recordings and we ended up with this sweet song that reeks of the Violent Femmes.

On Oct. 18th Violent Psalms will be embarking on their first West Coast tour. You would best be served to check them out if you dig the songs you hear below.

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Dead Words

Dead Words (Dallas, TX) play East Bay styled pop punk inspired by the likes of Green Day and The Descendants. They’ve been touring heavily for the last few years, fine tuning their guitars to carve their sugar coated hooks into your skull.

This young and diverse band enjoys pizza and video games. If you give Dead Words pizza they will give you hugs. If you let Dead Words play your video games they will not sleep. I know this from experience. They served as the backing band on the first Pac-Away Dots tour and this mixtape would not be complete without them.

They will be contributing their song “3 for 3” to the kickstarter mixtape.

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Dead Words will be touring again in November. Catch them at a show and tell them Nate Allen says, “Hello.”

The Rocking Dead tour

11/7 – Broken Arrow, OK @ Rudy’s House
11/8 – Joplin, MO @ Solace Music Venue
11/9 – Des Moines, IA @ Underground Rock Shop
11/10 – Minneapolis, MN @ 1082 16th Ave SE
11/12 – Fargo, ND @ The New Direction
11/13 – Sioux Falls, SD @ TBA
11/14 – Kearney, NE @ TBA
11/15 – Hutchinson, KS @ TBA
11/16 – Oklahoma City, OK @ TBA

Greg McKillop

Heartfelt. Adventuresome. Focused. Prolific. Depressingly funny. Poetic. Ringleader. Honest. Kind. Uplifting. Generous. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I recall Massachusetts poet and folkie Greg McKillop. 

Greg had just started playing guitar when we met, but from the start his burning passion to create was already evident. Being from Oregon and on my first tour, one of my goals was to see what Portland, Maine was like. I didn’t know anyone in Portland but I got in touch with Greg via myspace and he invited me to drop by an open-mic. When I got to town I met Greg, Jesse Frayne and a few other people right away. It was instant community.

After the open-mic we all headed across town and played another open mic together at Slainte Wine Bar. Slainte offered me a show the next night so we all hung out again. A few days later Greg hooked me up with a show in Worcester, MA. That show helped me make just enough extra gas money to print the first copies of my second album Take It Easy. The way things came together that week still stands out as magical.

Greg has spent his last 8 years touring the country performing in every type of space imaginable. His songs have become the stuff of legend. 20 of them were covered this year on Please Make Sure Someone’s Singin’ Somewhere For You: A Tribute To The Music of Gregory McKillop.  Greg’s band Speaker For The Dead swelled to a circus-like crowd of over 20 members before calling it a day a few months ago. He is now focusing on his solo material and relaxing a bit.

Greg will be contributing “I am on the Radio,” a previously unreleased song to Nate Allen’s kickstarter mixtape. This is an acoustic version of the last song from his upcoming full length due out in February.

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