GNARBOOTS are not a band.

GNARBOOTS are not human.

GNARBOOTS are not a movement.


Your mom is GNARBOOTS.

Cats wear GNARBOOTS.


Aaron Carnes and Adam Davis are the two main in-soles in the “band” GNARBOOTS. Constant reinvention is the name of this game. Sounds range from Ska to Punk to Electronica with detours everywhere. Every show I have seen them perform is a tasty new experience unlike any other. GNARBOOTS is at times twisty performance art played to boundary pushing childlike perfection. They put out a “traditional punk album” on Asian Man Records; it just means they are up to something and you best not look away.

My first GNARBOOTS experience was a few years ago in December. The concert progressed along like any other punk/hardcore show at a bowling alley venue. GNARBOOTS played their set, and I thought they were done. Then the mayhem began. All I remember is that they were wearing santa hats and rapping. It was glorious.

GNARBOOTS played an integral part in the making of Destroy Nate Allen’s With Our Powers Combined. 

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Gnarboots will be contributing a song to the Nate Allen Kickstarter Mixtape, included with any pledge amount. Order by 10:59pm CST on Wednesday Nov 5.

Stream Gnarboots latest album Dark Moon below.



Drybnz create dark, noisy songs for fans of Einstürzende Neubauten, Bauhaus, and any band Jeff Suffering has ever been in. Drybnz cut to the heart, conveying the desperation of breaking free and moving forward in life.

I couldn’t be more excited to feature the new chaotic collaboration of Northwest music veterans Jeff Suffering (Suffering and Hideous Thieves, 90 Pound Wuss) and Joe Mendonca (RattleHawk, Dudes Will Be Dudes).

When I saw Jeff Suffering perform for the first time in ’98, the course of my life was altered… Tessa had a similar experience in ’96. It was beyond formative. His honesty and commitment to performance were beyond anything I had experienced. If you’ve ever seen us writhing on the ground at a show, it’s because we saw him do it first.

Joe Mendonca and I go back many years. I booked a band on his old label to play my highschool prom. He’s designed some of my favorite Destroy Nate Allen artwork (including our wedding poster) and is doing the artwork for Take Out The Trash.

Drybnz will be contributing a song called “Old Ghost” to the Nate Allen kickstarter mixtape. Contribute  any amount and receive a download of this playlist featuring over 30 artists!

Drybnz – Long Journey Home from Wolf Haircut on Vimeo.

Kevin Schlereth

Kevin Schlereth is a family man.  In a parallel universe Kevin Schlereth might be screaming in a metal band, or teaching mathematics. Instead, he’s been on a perma-tour for over 3 years now with his family. That’s right, his wife and 2 children (and various other people) often accompany him on tour. When you ask him where he lives, he’ll say “my car.”

You will find Kevin playing songs combining elements of grunge, folk, and indie rock on his acoustic guitar, baring his soul and building community every chance he gets. His laid-back but earnestly caring demeanor makes him very approachable, which is great for engaging him in meaningful conversation at shows.

Kevin Schlereth’s new album, Legend, will be out this winter. Kevin was nice enough to let us premier a brand new song “Meloncholia” (an exclusive mix) from his upcoming album for the Kickstarter Mixtape. If you are a fan of Sufjan Stevens or Josh Dies, you should give Kevin a listen.

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Listen to Meloncholia below:

Seth Martin

A few years ago,  Seth Martin burst into my awareness. He must have been a few weeks ahead of us on tour because everywhere I went people asked me, “Do you know Seth Martin!” They would say things like “He’s from Portland.” “He plays sing-a-long folk.” “He’s an Christian.” “He’s an activist.” “You must know Seth Martin!” But I didn’t. I had never heard of the man.

So I made a decision.

Seth Martin does not exist.

Seth Martin is a mythological creature.

This served me well for a while and then I met THE Seth Martin.

It turns out his compassionate hippie charm is only the beginning. Seth has a fire inside. He burns to fight injustice and loves people. I’m pretty sure Seth has never met a stranger and has more energy than most people I’ve met. He loves to talk and loves to sing – ESPECIALLY with others! If you’re looking for a communal musical experience I would highly recommend you check out Seth Martin and his band The Menders.

Seth Martin will be contributing his song Goodbye, Goodbye to the kickstarter mixtape.

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Listen to Seth’s latest album Halfway Home below.

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Doby Watson

Doby Watson knows where he fits best. He enjoys playing quiet rooms that welcome his sad, sparse songs. To really take in Doby’s music (perfect for fans of Leonard Cohen or Jason Molina) you need some space to digest his confessions. Doby, who first performed as “Boo Hiss”, has been touring the Midwest for several years gently perfecting his craft.

He has started to find quiet audiences in bigger quiet rooms. Here is a Day Trotter session he recorded earlier this year. His new album Live-In Son will be out Oct. 17th on Double Shift and Error Records. The album is currently streaming over at Buzzmedia.

If you like music aimed more at connecting and communicating than winding you up and making you dance, I recommend you give Doby Watson a listen. He is one of the Midwest’s best kept secrets.

Doby Watson will be submitting an exclusive recording of a song to the Nate Allen Kickstarter Mixtape.

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