Hide No Truth Turns 1!!!

Hide No Truth turns 1 year old today. To my kids, these are “daddy songs”. To me, they are both a salve, and a reminder of seasons navigated THROUGH difficulty. At some point during the fall tour, last year I started saying Hide No Truth was a “Celebration of Survival”. I like that. I believe this marks a turning point in my creative road, a return in many ways to the solo-artists songwriting journey. This was a self-release, self-promoted affair. Thank you so much for creating space and listening to my rock n’ roll!

To mark the anniversary of its release here is a list of the press the album has gotten:

Articles / Premiers / Interviews:

Uncut Weekly Playlist: The “Lightning” video was included along with the likes of Kurt Vile, Lucy Dacus, Bob Mould, Patty Griffin, Edwyn Collins and Cass McCombs.

New Noise Magazine: “Hide No Truth embodies the notion of a performer bearing their soul on record, and like the best of its kind, it miraculously straddles the line between too personal and too damn relatable…”

The Pitch KC: On Hide No Truth, Nate Allen examines his ‘broken Christian religious experience.

Idioteq (Poland) – “an introspective masterwork”

Spinditty: “an earnest, melancholic, and impossible to forget album. Nate Allen has put the world on notice that he is a songwriter to be reckoned with.” & interview

A Diverse Sound: “a treasure worth reflecting upon time and time again”

HM Magazine: “It’s what being exposed to someone’s personal storyline should feel like: uncomfortable, familiar, and – ideally – inspiring.”

Bramonius: (Belgium) “It’s a remarkable and intriguing album.”

Eight One Sixty Interview: “This type of record….it rips your heart out and shows it to you as it’s still trying to pump blood”

Indie Vision Music: “Listening to this record makes one want to slow down a bit, be more intentional, love a little more, be kind to those around you.”

Phantom Tollbooth: “This is a brilliant set of songs, a tour de force of inner turmoil and restoration.”

Jesus Freak Hideout Review: “Hide No Truth is a humble, honest, and vulnerable album that deserves your attention.”

I Am Tuned Up: “an expression of both desperation and hope”

I Heart Local Music: “That feeling when you can see lightning flash across the sky but never hear the thunder? Allen captures that.”

The Bridge: “A deft, vulnerable work”

Leo Weekly: “Dark folk from Kansas City”

The Bozho: “mystic folk singer”

Rev Folklore Reviews: “a really rewarding listen”

The Bad Copy: Bombs Lyric Video Premiere: “With his new
endeavor Good Saint Nathanael, Nate ventures into quiet, very vulnerable new territory.”

Playlistplay: “The incredibly vulnerable Good Saint Nathanael strips back everything and leaves nothing but Allen, his guitar, and his thoughts.”


Urban Achiever
Dorkness To Light
Church & Other Drugs
Down The Line Zine
Shadow Scape Records
Bearded Hope Dealer
As The Story Grows
Down The Line Zine
Take 92 Podcast
This Is My Jam
The Hive
The Why
Ope! Radio

Live Video Sessions:

Upstate Sessions: “Coming Unglued”
Slightly Gigantic Media: “Everything That’s Lost”
thesongdayproject: “Bombs”

Year End Lists:

Best of The Bridge “Bombs”

Jesus Freak Hideout: Lucas Munachen (#6)

Phantom Tollbooth: Brian A. Smith (#1 – tied with T. Bone Burnett)

Sorry if I forgot anyone.