Hands Held Together

Hands Held Together by Good Saint Nathanael. This is my first “new songs” since Hide No Truth.

Film via Social Distancing in Kansas City, MO’s Swope Park as an entry in the NPR Tiny Desk Contest.

You can purchase the track on bandcamp.

Video by Kerry Burrow http://www.kerryburrowphotography.com
Audio Capture by Two Hue Creative http://www.twohuecreative.com
Pink Painted Tree by Dylan Mortimer http://www.dylanmortimer.com/ https://www.kcur.org/arts-life/2018-08-17/for-one-kansas-city-artist-open-spaces-means-extra-room-to-breathe

Notes about the new song and video:

Tessa only agreed to let me film this if we were outside, socially distancing.

As parents, it’s been particularly hard to explain why we can’t go to playgrounds because of coronavirus.

Rest assured, this is not just about going out to swing but rather about loss & connection.

Some songs take years to develop. This is one of them.

2015. I wrote some of these lines.

2018. I took the track to a songwriting panel at Folk Alliance International where Tom Paxton and others have me critical feedback.

2020. The song returned around January when I was contemplating my core motivations as a musician. Lastly, the chorus tumbled out after a therapy session right before covid19 swept the nation.

Life and limb I’d give for a friend
I’d take a bullet welcome you in
Day turns to night lose or win
Everything’s over and starting again

Overextended, over it all
watching my friends as they start to free fall
I hate that it started, it hurts to recall
Winter and summer that turned into fall

I don’t know what to think about the future
past is all I’ve known

Thinking of good times, great connections
of hands held together being known