No More Train Ghosts

No More Train Ghosts play loud, driven, fast, sweaty, crunchy rock n’ roll. They epitomize what I love about Portland – good friends and basement shows.  No More Train Ghosts shows are sloppy in all the right ways and I definitely miss getting to hang out with them. Rarely does a band wear honesty on their sleeve at just the right tempo to energize the blood and connect with your heart. Their song “Hey Rube” will be on our Kickstarter Mixtape. Check out more of their rock n’ roll on bandcamp.

Insomniac Folklore

“The members of Insomniac Folklore are a band of lovable hooligans that would probably be considered offensive, if only they weren’t so darned cute,” says their website. To that, I would lovingly add that they would probably be considered boring, if they weren’t so darned entertaining.  Offensive and boring are not words I would associate with this photogenic and quirky band of theatrical, artsy introverts.  Remember, it’s the quiet ones that come out of hiding and unleash pure genius when given a stage. I’ve seen Insomniac Folklore more than any band on the planet and I am always happy to watch again! Dr. Folklore, a.k.a. Tyler Hentschel is the madman under the tophat. Tyler has had many an insomniac join his journey, but these days he is oft joined by his beautiful puppet wielding wife Adrienne. Her sister Amanda (the other beautiful girl in those fun videos) brings the bass. We first met in junior high and most of our early musical adventures were together. We’d spend our lunch hours in high school listening to whatever music we could get our hands on. We especially loved The Beldings, MxPx, Havalina, 90 LB Wuss, Squad Five-O, Joy Electric, Ghoti Hook and other old …

Kat Jones

Kat Jones is impressive. She uses her five octave range to communicate so much more than the words formed by the command of her voice.  Her songs swell and plunge, holding you captive until the final note diminishes and you are released from its otherworldly grasp. Her classy rock n’ roll comes from dark, hard fought places. In 2001, Kat Jones and I met in Nepal and then randomly reconnected a few years later at Tomfest. I became her booking agent in the not-so-distant days of cold calling venues, and we both learned a lot about booking shows and planning tours. She has since become a touring machine.  Right now she is blowing minds in Europe. Check out the rest of her current European Tour here. Kat’s song “Muevete” will be part of our kickstarter mixtape.  Her greatly anticipated album, I Am Young Warm Blood, is pending release. Learn more at and on her bandcamp.   Muevete – Album: I Am Warm Young Blood to be released 2015 by Kat Jones

Bryan McPherson

Bryan McPherson’s songs are full of urgency.  His Boston charm woos while his voice punches neatly woven words into existence. He sings with eyes wide open to the world around him and is a first class singer-songwriter. I met Bryan McPherson at Campfire Fest, just after he moved to California. The first time I got to play at 924 Gilman in Berkley, Bryan was there rocking the house as well. We’ve connected tours in Ohio and he recently came through KC.  His straight from the heart, punk influenced folk is poised to take on the world. Bryan is currently on tour opening for The Dropkick Murphys. I recommend you swing out early to one of the shows and get a great spot right up front. Bryan’s song “Upon An Open Road” is on our kickstarter mixtape. Learn more at Here is the teaser for his new album Wedgewood:

Kickstarter Launch

Welcome to our pre-order/fundraiser for Take Out The Trash, the debut album of my new project, Nate Allen and The Pac-Away Dots. Since 2006, I’ve been touring the US as Destroy Nate Allen. Take Out The Trash marks a new season and direction for my music. These 10 vulnerable and explosive songs will have you humming all day long. Take Out The Trash has already been recorded, mixed and mastered. Your help is needed to finance the printing of CDs and 12″ vinyl records. Our goal is to have every prize delivered in time for Christmas, with the exception of the vinyl which takes longer to produce. One of our core values is COMMUNITY, so we put together a mixtape of over 30 bands! The independent artists on this playlist represent different genres and ideals, but the one thing that they all have in common is that they are friends of mine. Every reward package will include a download of this playlist. One package even has it on an actual 90 minute cassette tape. Each day, I will be blogging on about a different artist on the mixtape. I’m hoping you discover a new favorite band while I’m at it. The first blog is about Bryan …