Jim Strange and The Proud and The Damned

Jim Strange and The Proud and The Damned are heavy metal, Americana gothic rock based in Portland. Fans of Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Wovenhand, and Sisters Of Mercy will be won over by Jim’s deep and powerful voice. If any of you are performers, perhaps you know the feeling of playing a bar show and giving it your all, only to wonder if anyone is even paying attention. Then you see that lone person in the crowd, holding their beer, looking at you and smiling. Jim was that guy for us once. Jim’s authenticity and genuine passion for music shine in a real way, and we are proud to call him a friend. Jim Strange and The Proud and The Damned are contributing a song to Nate Allen’s Kickstarter Mixtape. For more information visit: jimstrange.com Listen to Jim Strange and The Proud and The Damned’s Pox Americana below. Pox Americana by Jim Strange with The Proud and The Damned Click here to turn Nate Allen into a video game. Make your order by 8:59pm Pacific Time on Wednesday Nov 5.

Levi The Poet

Levi is a poet, a man of many words. As a verbal processor myself, I can appreciate this. His passion shines through in live performance. For the last several years he’s toured hard and heavy spouting poems of personal experience and theological insights. It’s inspiring stuff. Levi The Poet was the kind of artist that got all up in your business and sweated on his audience (sound familiar?) but he recently shifted to performing in front of a projection screen. These new poems are his best yet. They resonated with the darkness we can all identify. As fictional works that tell a story, I believe they will identify even better. They are definitely a step in the right direction. Levi will be contributing a poem to the Nate Allen Kickstarter Mixtape. For more information visit: levithepoet.net/ Levi’s upcoming concept album Correspondence-(A Fiction) will be out in November. Watch the “Dear Pianist” video below. Click here to Order the Kickstarter Mixtape. Click here to turn Nate Allen into a video game. Make your order by 8:59pm Pacific Time on Wednesday Nov 5.


McDougall is a foot stomping, bluegrass hustling one-man-band based in Portland, Oregon. Scott’s music has elements of folk, gospel, bluegrass, blues, and always a good amount of rock n’ roll. His live show is not to be missed and each record he makes takes a huge step-forward. Distinctively intense vocals also characterize this creative take on traditional Americana. I like to say Scott McDougall is our rock n’ roll priest because the first 2 times I met him were on significant days in my life. We played shows together the night Tessa and I got engaged and the day we buried my Grandfather. McDougall is contributing “Ones and Twos” to the Nate Allen Kickstarter Mixtape. For more information visit: mcdougallmusic.com/  FFO: Larry and His Flask, Muddy Roots, Jack White McDougall recently released McDougall. Check it out below: McDougall by McDougall Watch one of my old personal favorites “Grandma Holley’s Blues” below Click here to turn Nate Allen into a video game. Make your order by 10:59pm CST on Wednesday Nov 5.


Octagrape! OctaGRAPE! OCTAGRAPE! I saw them once and I can’t get them out of my head.. seriously so rad. They are the sonic completion of the best 90’s garage rock band time warped to save the world in 2014.  Glen Galloway has a long history of making great music in Truman’s Waters and Soul Junk. We’ve done shows with Soul Junk, but nothing could have prepared me for the joyful, distorted mess that was and is Octagrape. The thing is, Glen moves around a lot and he doesn’t wear a guitar strap. The frenetic energy released on stage is palpable. These guys are professionals. Octagrape combines life-lessons-learned from countless nights spent in dirty rock clubs to teach us all a lesson: play rock n’ roll like you mean it and remember to have fun because at any given moment things might spin a out of control and you want to be able to say “I was there when….” For more information visit Octagrape on facebook. Pick up some Octagrape from Sounds Familyre today. Octagrape will be contributing a song to Nate Allen’s Kickstarter Mixtape.  Watch “Eternal Hair” below:   Click here to turn Nate Allen into a video game. Make your order by 8:59pm Pacific …

Von Strantz

Step right up and jump right in… Von Strantz is about to begin… What you thought was a show might just be therapy! Like letting go at the top of the slide, by the time this ride is over you’ll be glad you took the chance. Folk n’ Rollers Von Strantz play music built for connecting and building community, but before you dismiss Von Strantz as just another folky duo make sure you look them in the eyes, because in just one look you will know the rock n’ roll fire is strong in these ones. i really can’t say it better than they do, so according to their bio: “Utilizing a variety of instruments such as the mandolin, violin, bass, and cello, Von Strantz unites harmonies strung together by commanding and soulful lyrics. With story-sharing as their passion, Von Strantz invites their audience into the emotion of each piece. Von Strantz is storytellers, an ebb and flow of two different musicians, exploring the dark and emerging with hope.” For more information visit: vonstrantz.com Von Strantz will be contributing a song to the Nate Allen Kickstarter Mixtape. Narrative Chapter II: The Line by Von Strantz Von Strantz will be joining Nate …