Kickstarter Success!

Wow! What a crazy ride! Thank you so much to everyone who pledged, shared, and came along. We had 169 kickstarter backers for Nate Allen & The Pac-Away Dots: Take Out The Trash – An Honest Look at Privilege, Racism, Unemployment and Being Burnt Out than for our last kickstarter… I am a little floored. This was more backs than our last kickstarter. We have put up an option to Pre-order Take Out The Trash if you missed out on the kickstarter. Below is “Open to Everything” the first track off Take Out The Trash. Thank you for your support. Take Out The Trash will be released into the world in early 2015.

Where Division Ends

Atmosphere! Atmosphere! It’s everywhere and oh so clear. Where Division Ends is comprised of Tyson and Jessica Kingrey and is perfect for fans of Radiohead or My Bloody Valentine. I lived with Where Division Ends for some months and never saw them perform. What I did hear came in the form of laptop speakers. I really should have insisted on making them play a show since the truth is I might not even be having a kickstarter for Take Out the Trash if it weren’t for them. What happened is: I got a band together for one show. 1 show. After the show Tyson said, and I quote: “I’m not quitting.” This was the catalyst that enabled The Pac-Away Dots to form and Take Out The Trash to be recorded in the first place. It was Tyson’s attention to detail that empowered Take Out The Trash to become the record that is. Tyson and Jessica are not just generous people – after all they let the album be recorded in the basement and all over the house. They truly created a rad space to live and rest in. It is this attention to detail and curation that makes Where Division Ends a …

The Restitution

The Restitution play ambient, layered, progressive metal perfect for fans of Thrice or Underoath. Crafted in the mind of a mad genius in a perfect world Restitution songs would be performed by an army of guitarists each playing on a different planet. Mike Wright a.k.a. The Restitution released their debut album called Waves in 2013 to fantastic reviews. This is good folks. If you need some heavy music to dissect look no further. Mike played bass at the 1st IamNateAllen show (iana eventually become the Pac-Away Dots) and was super rad to hang out with while make the album. Please check out his band. For more information visit: The Restitution are contributing a song to Nate Allen’s Kickstarter Mixtape. Waves by The Restitution Click here to turn Nate Allen into a video game. Make your order by 8:59pm Pacific Time on Wednesday Nov 5.

Desiring Dead Flesh

Desiring Dead Flesh is a hardcore punk family band comprised of Bryan Hampton (dad and vocalist), Adam Hampton (son and bassist), Raven Hampton (daughter and guitarist) and Pat Kowynia  (drummer and long time friend). They play dirty, rough around the edges punk rock to beautiful perfection. If fine tuning and immaculate tone are requirements for your enjoyment of rock n’ roll look elsewhere but IF you are looking for punk rock boiled down to its bare essence, I can’t recommend Desiring Dead Flesh highly enough. Desiring Dead Flesh shows involve loads of sing-a-longs, cue cards, circle pits, stuffed animals, beach balls, and crowd surfing. Just watch the video below. What a beautiful mess! Bryan Hampton is a Michigan legend. He’s been a fixture in the punk scene since the mid-80’s. He’s been running shows since the mid-90’s as Ripped Heart Productions and gave me one of my first Michigan shows as he has for countless other bands. Desiring Dead Flesh are contributing their song “The End Is Here” to the Nate Allen Kickstarter Mixtape. For more information visit: Click here to order the Kickstarter Mixtape featuring over 30 bands! Click here to turn Nate Allen into a video game. Make your order …

Self Proclaimed Narcissist

Self Proclaimed Narcissist plays acoustic music that is 1 part brutal honesty, 1 part catchy and 1 part chaos. More inspired by noisy, grindcore bands and weirdos than the folky coffee shop circuit, Self Proclaimed Narcissist plays “honesty folk” complete with sound samples and broken strings. Erik Carson (aka Self Proclaimed Narcissist) is from the same small Oregon town that Insomniac Folklore, One-Eyed Doll and I grew up in and it shows. We are all cut from the same maximum effort, audience connecting stock and a few years ago Erik and I released the Folklore, Narcissism and Destruction EP together with Insomniac Folklore. Self Proclaimed Narcissist is currently on tour. Go to a show and scream-a-long! For more info visit: Self Proclaimed Narcissist will be including the song St. Elmo on the Nate Allen Kickstarter Mixtape. Below is Self Proclaimed Narcissist’s most recent and best album, I’m Afraid To Be Alive: I’m Afraid to Be Alive by Self Proclaimed NarcissistFFO: The Locust, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Listener Click here to turn Nate Allen into a video game. Make your order by 8:59pm Pacific Time on Wednesday Nov 5.